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Reality of digital deepak internship program must read this review 2020 !

Dear Reader,


  • My experience with DigitalDeepak Internship
  • Facing Problem of completing the assignment
  • My Story
  • What you’ll learn in this Digital Deepak Internship Program
  • Who should join this internship?
  • Who Should Not Join this Program?
  • Fees of Internship
  • Testimonials
  • Conclusion


If you are looking to join the 

Digital Deepak internship then you must read this guide.

See, everything has its pros and cons. Isn’t it?

But I Myself did’t Find any Cons in it 

Let’s get started.

My experience with Digital Deepak Internship:


I am a part of Digital Deepak Internship Program Batch 4 and in this program,

I learned many New things from basic to Advanced level stuff of Digital Marketing.

And Now I am Super Happy With it.


This image is based on my experience about digitaldeepak internship program


My experience with DD Internship was very positive.

See For me i didn’t face any difficulty in entire internship.

However, at some point, I felt I couldn’t complete the assignment on time.

It wasn’t because there was a lack of time,

it is because I took extra-time in Doing irrelevant stuff.

Pro tip:

If you want to complete each and every assignment on time

just follow what Deepak Kanakaraju says

Then you No need to worry about anything.

I am as an intern Saying you that this is not an

Internship this is the life Changing Program.

And i will guarantee you if you joined this internship

Your Future will be bright 100%.

Facing Problem Of completing the assignment:

It was an assignment Week 8 and week 9 for running Facebook & Google ads.

However, I was not completed

The assignment at the time of deadline.

Here’s the whole story. 

A lot of people were asking the deadline extension for assignment number 8 and

because fellow interns were also facing some Difficulty in completing the

assignment number 8 Which is Facebook Ad.

What happened with me, in assignment number 8 I had to run Facebook ads.

Running Facebook ad was a Quite difficult for all of us because at that time 

Facebook Ads were quickly baned by facebook Due to US election,.

We are afraid that our money Gone because deadline had been Over,

But Deepak sir gives us another 10 Days so we can Mange our assignment.

But if you are not able to submit the assignment at a real time then don’t worry

About That you can submit it to their support Team which is give you money back.

As deepak sir Promised Us at start that your money will be 100% Given to You.

So this is as called as free internship.

Don’t Worry about your Money,100% Will be Given

On the other hand, I never touched Google ads Because my mother got Road

Accident.So I get delay in it but on time

Later Back i was submited my assignment and Assignment Was approved.

Now coming back on to the topic, by and large, my experience with Digital

Internship was positive.

A brief overview of what are the challenges other interns face.

Since I am also not from a Digital marketing background but also most of the

Assignments were easy for me.

On the other hand, a large number of interns were from a non-digital marketing


So i am pretty happy that beacause i am doing my learning with earning and feel

motivated day-by-day.

Once again Thank you my mentor digital deepak sir,you gave us such a great


However, all assignments were pretty simple and I know whenever we try to do

Something new it’s a little bit challenging for us.

And that’s the whole point of doing a Digital Deepak Internship.

The Internship is designed in such a way that you gotta take action.

Generally, what we do is we take a course and

we watch it then we don’t take any action.

And in the end, we don’t get results.

If you use a little bit common sense and beware of what other interns are doing

You can effortlessly complete all assignments.

You can ask for help from your fellow interns.

That’s the best thing I liked About

You will be put in a Telegram group where you can ask all your doubts

Regarding Assignments.

After every live webinar, there’s a Q&A session that happens for those

Who Have doubts regarding the particular assignment.

That’s the one thing I like about DD Internship. 

My Story:

Again i am mentioning that,this intetrnship is life changing.

My Self Lalit, i am a Business person in 1 year ago 

I don’t know about what is Digital marketing ?

I am a very introvert guy but always freedom fighter and never give up in

My life whatever situation It is.

I am from Rajasthan and doing small business in chennai

(Tamilnadu) With My Father

I am from middle class brahmin family at that time i am facing some family

Business Issue.

I am not a tech or enginering background guy, I am a commerce student

If you are a non-technical person,No problem you can apply 

Suddenly i saw a facebook Ad Which Is look like that

Back is 2008 i don’t know what is digital marketing and Now i am ruuning a super profitable agency,

how blogging changed my life…………..

So Similar to this type of ad i saw and think

That this person is doing very well and 

Then i was starting resarch about it like

How they are Writing Content,

In which Company they are working right now and all.

But at one Point When i read that how deepak sir sold their first blog around 18 lakh Ruppes.and then My mind blow away that

And I was thinking that Blogging is Really Powerful 

I enrolled in their course Digital marketing mastry Bundle and

I Started learning.

At march 2020 when Covid Lockdown started, So at that Moment i have more

Time for learning and 

I feel that lockdown time will be the blessing time for me

Soon i feel that this is the right path for my future and

This is the mentor I needed

Then i write an e-book and Published on Amazon and become an author 

This was the Proud moment for me

Without Deepak sir this is not possibe

Then i took decision to join their internship program

Which is even more Powerful.

So i joined the batch 4 and and learn a lot.

What you’ll learn in this Digital Deepak Internship Program:

The structure is pretty simple yet powerful because it motivates people to take action.

This image is describing the structure of internship program

This is 12 week Program and 4 Bonus week (Total 16 week ):

I will explain you in Short Summary so have got an idea about what is the Structure of internship.

Week 1 – Success Mindset:

I feel that having the right mindset is the First step of your success

Above I just gave you a brief idea of what are the things you will receive

From the session first.

There are so many things you can learn in a single session and most Importantly

You’ll get to know about the kind of mindset you need to have in order to

Start your career in digital marketing.

Week 2 – The Law Of Marketing:

You’ll get to know about the importance of customer avatar and how to

Create a customer avatar for your business?

You’ll learn how to do surveys. Each session will be around 2 hr Duration.

Week 3 – Discoving Your Profitable Niche:

In this week you will find out your Profitable niche,

If you have are from non-technical person no problem

It is also suitable for you.

If you don’t know what is your niche they will help you to find out your niche.

They will give you micro niche because in future you will become a market

Leader in it like digitaldeepak is market leader in

Digital marketing. If you have already a niche it is fine.

Week 4 – Creating Your WordPress Website:

You will learn how to build a self-hosted WordPress website.

And in my opinion, having a website is like having your own property on the internet.

You’ll learn each & everything about how to set up your self-hosted

WordPress blog from scratch.

Week 5 – Becoming the King of Content:

This is my favorite subject. You’ll learn about the Copywriting & Sales page.

You’ll learn how to create a sales page for your target customer.

What’s copywriting and seven principles of influence.

You Will get more Clearity about How to write content? and How to Publish the Content?

And How to Dominate the Blogging field through unique content writing Skill

Because In all over the World The Content is King 

Week 6 – Building Your Tribe and Social Media:

You Will learn that How Creating and Building our own tribe is more important.

Most of people made mistake of building their own tribe ( E-mail list ,Phone number,Own Community)

They will give you inner sercret that all social media like

Facebook,instagram,youtube these all are not

Our own tribe,Deepak sir also Building their own tribe they have 450,000 total email list.

You will learn How top level foreign countery marketer work and their secret.

Week 7 – Lead Magnets and Lead Generation:

You will learn about lead generation & automation.

You Will learn How we can generate organic lead through our lead magnet.

You will also learn How to generate lead via Linkedin Free of cost.

How to Nature them into warm lead because these type of lead are cold lead

They don’t know about you.And How you can hook them via your free lead magnet

Like- Free e-book, Free Mindmap, Free mini course.

You will also learn how to genrate lead via B2B and B2C

So this is more helpful for any B2B business owner.

Week 8 – Facebook Ads:

In this week you will learn How to Run Facebook Campaign.

if you are a beginer they will teach you very easy.

You will learn how to run different kinds of ad campaigns

such as traffic campaigns, brand awareness, and lead generation

Conversion Campaign for e-commerce Business.

You will learn different type of Ad set with good audience Targeting

You will Learn Different type of Ads in which you learn how to setup images

How to setup Content And how to setup ad copy

You will learn what is Pixel? and how to setup on our website

You will also learn how to retarget the people.

You will learn How to Create Conversion Event.

You will learn how to create Costom Audience with the help of Conversion event

You will also learn what is look-a-like Audience.

Week 9 – Google Ads:

In this week You will learn what is Google Ads and how to setup Google Ads.

You will learn Google Conversion tracking code and deploy the code on a website

You will how to Create your first audience segment on Google Ads.

You will learn how to Create Search ad campaign on Google Ads.

You will learn how to put Search keyword in Search Ads

You will also learn how to Put keyword in Ad from Search term ( Search term is where People are Searching the keyword)

You will learn how to Create a video ad inside Google Ad.

You will learn how to create smart display campaign inside Google Ads.

Week 10 – SEO:

In this week you will learn Beginer to advanced level SEO

You will learn what is Onpage and Offpage SEO

You will learn how to Rank on Google with long tail keyword

You will also learn how to make a backlink.

You will also learn how to use Ahrefs Seo tool.

You will learn the secret method how to make you blog profitable with short of time

You will learn unique formula of blogging.

Week 11 -Email Marketing Automation:

You Will learn How to use Email marketing in deeper level with Automation

You will learn How Deepak Kankaraju using the email marketing with deep sequence

You will learn how to brodcast the email via their Profession age and goal

You will also learn different kind of email marketing tool which is suitale is suitable for you.

You would learn how to use automation tools such as Zapier.

You’ll learn how to create marketing automation on email & phone.

Week 12 – Sales and Conversion:

This is important and essential Part of any Business.You will learn the Core Concept of sales.

You Will learn how sales and Conversion happen after different stages.

You will learn the Principal of sales CATT (Content,Attention,Trust,Transaction)

You will learn How to narture the Cold lead to warm lead.

You will learn How People will Purchase their Product/services.

You will also learn which formula is using Deepak sir in their Business So they can get their Hightraffic People.

Bonus Week 13 – Personal Branding and Dream Job:

In this week you will learn how to apply the Simple Consistant method

Which is helpful in Personal Brand.

You will learn how value giving nature is always better in personal branding

You will learn How Deepak sir Made their personal brand “DigitalDeepak”

How Personal Brand helps in any Business like behind Tesla their is Personal Brand of Elon mask

You will learn benefit of personal brand.

How personal brand makes you market leader in your niche.

You will also learn how to approch your dream job Company

You will learn what is simple key factor that helps you in getting their

Dream Job no matter what kind of industry it is.

You will learn how can Communicate with your Prospect

You will learn how to Close your Communicate and Get Result and get your Dream job.

Bonus Week 14 – Affiliate Marketing:

In This week You will learn the Concept of affiliate marketing

You will learn How People are making 5 Figure income.

You will also learn how top class Affiliate marketers are doing

Bonus Week 15 – Digital Freelancing:

This is the important week for everyone i think because if you don’t have any idea about what to do next then

This is the right path with freedom.

You will learn how to do Freelancing and how to pitch the Client.

You will learn how to avoid the Compitation in Freelancing.

You will learn how to get high ticket client with unique technique.

You will learn how to get to get client when you are fresher.

You will learn how to get more client and how to scale your services.

Week 16 – Digital Mentoring:

This Week teach you that in Future how to become a mentor like DigitalDeepak

You will learn how you can become a mentor in your niche and dominate the market

You will learn how to earn money through mentoring

You will learn How to one mentor is enough to handle entire business

You will learn how digital mentor earning is more than any Company.

However, in last batch was about creating your first digital/info product and bring at least one sale.

I’d say creating your first info product can be a game-changer for you in digital marketing.

Because in online business you can make the most profit by selling your own products./digital product

Who should join this internship? 

If you are a working professional and want to switch your career then this

Internship is exclusively for you.

The Purpose of this image is that this is indicate the joining process

Let me tell you, there are many working professionals who joined this Internship

Such as Civil Engineers, Small business owners, and software engineers, etc.

Student: You learn a new skill Digital Marketing and getting a job in Digital marketing is huge. And it’s also considered as one of the most in-demand skills.

Business owners: Having more customers is the most important thing in any business. And you can acquire more customers by using Digital Marketing strategies.

Professionals: As I said you wanted to switch your career, then Digital Marketing is the best option for you. And Digital Marketing can help you to land a high-paying job as well.

Digital Marketing gives you an opportunity to learn, work and make profits.

And in the shortest period of time,

you can literally change your career and be the master of your own life.

If you want to make your career in Digital Marketing you just need to have Passion.

That’s it.

Else everything can be figured out.

But if you don’t have passion then I’d not recommend you to come & learn

Digital Marketing if you come in digital marketing for a shake of money.

Then it’s not going to work for you.

Of course, everyone needs money however initially you have to put lots of

Effort to learn, implement, and grow your online business.

If you can cross that phase,

 I promise you, you’ll become a successful digital marketer. 

Who Should Not Join this Program?

If you don’t have Passion toward digital marketing then it’s not for you.

If you’re looking for instant income without putting any efforts then please don’t join this Program.

And if you’re already making tons of money through digital marketing then

You don’t need to enroll in this Digital Marketing Internship Program.

Fee of Internship:

Actually, the fee depends on which batch you are about to join.

When the first batch started the fee was ₹11,800 included tax.

When I joined batch 4 the fee was ₹14,999 included tax.

Here’s the best part of this internship,

you can earn back all the investment that you made by completing all assignments.

This image describe the fees of internship

And let me tell you, the assignment completion rate is very high.

In my batch 2, the first assignment completion rate was around 89% which is insane.

You don’t need to worry about assignment completion. Nobody on this planet

Provides this kind of opportunity to learn, earn, and grow.

In this program, you are getting education almost FREE.

If you are committed to earn back your money by completing all assignments

Then there’s no cost for you to enroll in this Internship Program.

So, I don’t think there’s any problem to enroll in this program. Ultimately,

You’re going to get back all the money that you would invest.

And guess what, I am a student and I didn’t have money to enroll in. So,

I told my parents about this Digital Marketing Internship and the program

Fee is Rs. 14999 and I can earn back all the investment that will be made.

Initially, I hesitated to ask for money to join the Digital Marketing

Internship. As I told my parents that I can get back my money then my

Parents instantly gave me money to enroll in the program.

It’s not Money that can stop you, it is your mindset that can stop you to do Anything.

If being a student can join this Internship Program then why can’t you.

If you’re a professional and business owner then it’s easier for you to join

This Program.


If you’re still on the fence about whether you should make this investment

Or not then don’t take my word.

You can see what my fellow interns are  Saying about the Program.


See, I have personally joined this Program and now I have told you each and

Everything about the Program and what are the benefits you’ll get from this

Internship Program.

Now, you are at a position to make a decision about whether

This Internship is For you or not?

You are Step Away From Your Success Apply Now:


Who has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing.

I did’t see That much of value giving nature anywhere 

However, if you have made your mindset to enroll in.

You can Register

Yourself  for the upcoming

Digital Deepak Internship Batch by filling the form.

In the webinar, you’ll receive each and every detail about the Internship Program.

 Now-a-days they are getting lots and lots of

Application,in last batch

Thay were got 50,000 Application but they approved 1,000 Application only.

So for your Safe Future,this Investment will be best ever,and you will get 100% Success.

As a Friend Prospective,I am Saying You that 

You Must have to join this Program for you Better Future 

Limited Seat Apply

Today There is No Charge For Apply.

Application Form will be Closed SOON.

Register Yourself for a launch Webinar of the next internship Batch 

Wish You Success !

Lalit Rajpurohit

You Can Also check it out Digital Deepak Blog