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is it possible or not ?

Yes !  (Big Yes) it is possible le’t me explain.


In Market there are many ways to make money online.

le’t say if you search How to make money online you will get many more results through google.

But through my experience and lot of hustle.

i had find a better way,in between i don’t want to stop you but i think your story is similar to

Want to tell you my story so you can understand very well that many other ideas are not work very well and only proven method will work.

my name is Lalit Rajpurohit ( my story is as similar as you i am belongs to typical brahmin middle class family from india.

i have one small brother and one small sister,right now i am married i have education degree in B.A (Bachelor of arts).

i am in business since 2012 right now,about 8 years of business experience

i got many failure in my one point of time i don’t know about what to

do in life and also thinking that what’s going on in my life.i was also faced

big failure in my father’s saloon item business in chennai.our whole family are in trouble and we are facing a lot of problem in our whole family.

i am also facing stress my mother got stomach operation,father got heart attack and my grand father dead at that time and i realise that online.

money making is very important for me so i took decision to purchase digital marketing course from digital deepak india’s top digital marketing expert you can check it out.


SO if you want to start blogging so this is the right time for you to start a blog.make sure there are two types of blog out there one is




*Amazon affiliate blog :-

This type of blog basically related to amazon product.if someone write/or review on amazon’s product if traffic goes from your amazon blog,then you will get commisoin of that it is best option to do blogging.

*Common Blog :-

this type of blog related to normal can also write blog on any topic and drive traffic on                                  it  basically i want to say you that you don’t confused about online money making if you consistently writing content and then you will sucess 100%

Requirement for investment:- 3 step to start blogging

You need to choose one niche make sure niche is everything,so choose specific niche and go narrow down in it.because very broad niche is not work in it compitition is very choose right specific niche let’s say if your niche is health then under health choose sub-niche like weight this is you good specigic niche.

so next step is choose domain name.there are many domain name providers but godaddy and namecheap is most popular name in the market you can buy from it.

so next step is hosting you can either buy from namecheap or for 1 year and start writing content regularly.

So the go ahead your future in safe.