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PROFITABLE SALES FUNNEL =( Content + Attention + Trust + Transaction)


Here i am categorized it on 5 stage to funnel ,so you can understand better that How funnel works .


1.Market Research
2.Creating Content
3.Generating Leads
4.Deep Marketing
5.Natural Sales


Let’s Get started with “my funnel”  :-

(i) Brand Awareness

(ii) Social media Engagement

(iii) Website Visitors

(iv) Leads (Content information)

(v) Live Interaction (webinars, live calls, Meetings )

(vi) First Time Buyer

(vii) Repeat Buyer

(viii) Brand promoter

So Above we discuss is my funnel which i am using into my profitable sales funnel.



Market resarch is more important in every stage of sales funnel,here i am summarized it on simple form-

(i) Deciding where to compete is half of your success.

(ii) keywords Research are more important,you can do with best tool like “ahrefs”.

(iii) Customer avatars /Buyer persona means find out who is your actual buyer.

(iv) Talk to your customers is also one of the key element of market research

(v) “Riches are in Niches ” when it comes to market research you must need to find out the micro niche also go narrow down because now-a-days people are don’t want to buy from generalist they are more likely to buy from all try to find out micro niche and go deep into it,you can read the japanise book “IKIGAI” to find out your niche three major point here to find niche

(a) Talent: like if you have talent of How to get shape after pregnency for women

(b) Passion: you also have passion fo that niche

(c) Market: and also there is huge market of it .

So this is micro niche And you can go with it ! Next step



In this competition market Content is more powerful,like i am now writing content so it also drives and put your attention in this is the power of content.then slowly i build trust and then transaction automatically happen,this is the power of content.

(i) Content is king

(ii) Content gets attention as always

(iii) Talk to one person

(iv) Have a genuine desire to help – if you are selfish and don not providing help and value to others actually you are loosing trust from your heplful first

(v) Package content into multiple formats – always try to be knowledge giver,i will explain step by step what is multiple format of content

(a) your socail media

(b) youtube channel

(c) facebook/telegram/whatsapp group

(d) your blog

(e) E-mail list

(f) Tribe.

So move to the next step:



Lead is as usual essential part of any business.we will discuss it on simple format

(i) Create lead magnet –

Lead magnet could be anything like free e-book, free mind map,Free mini courses.always remember that lead magnet is free form of peospect can hook with it.

(ii) Drive traffic to lead magnet (Landing pages)- you must have yo create one landing page to drive traffuc on it through paid ads or organic it will be boost your email list.

(iii) Always run paid ads like facebook ads,google ads to retarget them and track conversion on it

(iv) Generate leads from SEO traffic -always try to find out which keyword are people searching for and write best blog on it and drive traffic to your landing page

Note – do not use multiple links on one page always use one landing page one link,it converts better.

So next steps:



Deep marketing is inner and indepth marketing part of sales funnels,we will discuss it on step by step process-

(i) Leads will be cold when you start :

If you just starting out the lead cannot be familar with you because they just started with you as a lead magent let’s say one

Example – if you meet the girl at a first time and tell them can you marry me? the answer would be “No” because she is not much familar with you 

As it is same formula apply in marketing field

(ii) Build trust with your leads with consistant Communication over time

when you lead is now cold lead that what you will do that you always try to provide more value to your lead through content so you lead feels that higher level so satisfaction.

(iii) Personalize your Communication based on data:

The best way to much familar with youe lead is to interact with their personalize data i am taking one example-

Example- let’s say if you are a vaccum cleaner salesmen and knock the first door and door opens by old women so what is you communication? your communication would be hey ! i am vaccum cleaner salesmen and you are having trouble with your age so this is best quality vaccum cleaner helps you better, and next you are knocking the door and door open by a young lady so your communication will be differnet,hope you understand the better 

(iv) Build conversation and trust :

so now slowly slowly try to build conversation with them and always try to build trust with your cold trust=sales . so when it comes to sale, sales always happen with emotional buyer decision so always try to find out the burning problem of your lead so you can do the deep marketing better.

so this is called as deep marketing


So as we discussed above chepater we ar

e landed on Natural sales method here you don’t need to do anything because you will get your sales automatically-

We call it fly wheel model explain with you one

Example :

Let say you are  using sewing machine and once you put your more effort to fly your wheel better (i mean you put hard effort in starting stage then you no need to worry about your future it will be automatically happen) then you no need to fly your wheel again and again at a time .

(i) Understand current situation:

As a said that always try to find out what is the current sitution of your customer because

“customer don’t want to purchase your services or product they are purchasing better version of themself”.

(ii) Understand desired situation :

Always try to find out what is the desire situation of your customers.what they are looking and what they want in their near future

(iii) Show them how your product can help :

If you find out what is current situation of your customer then you find what is the desire of your customer and now tell them how can help your product to acheive their desire goal.

(iv) Deliver the sales massage :

And then keeping above thing in mind and deliver your massage through content format that this is the product, helpful for your future to acheive their goal and make your happy as you want in your near future and send them link of your product through your email.

(v) Offer an incentive :

Always try to make a scarcity so people are more likely to buy your product/services because when economic rules-

 “When supply is less the demand will be high “

So always try to sell your product through limited period offer.


So finally this blog post is over and this is based on ( CATT ) funnel –

Content , Attention , Trust , Transaction

Famous copywriter & Americain salesperson  ELMO LEWIS invented four steps of Sales happen (AIDA) Principles which says

Attention , interest, Desire , Action

So always try to make a sales funnel yeah this is more powerful in long run.




( I think i have made a preety good mistake in grammer so kindly avoid it and try to understand the concept behind it )